Oct 1, 2012
Regarding the CANON MX870:

Hope this is the correct section to post this inquiry. If not, please advise.

Today I downloaded a jpg image into Microsoft Word Picture Manager, which I have used for years to view and print. I am also on Windows 7, in a HP factory computer ... which I previously reformatted and reinstalled all programs.

Up to today, have NEVER had a problem like this ... at least do not recall.

I have the preferences of the printer, for quality, set to FAST print. Checked it again today to confirm. But when printing the image, it only offered, and did so, a print in STANDARD ... which takes longer and uses more print ink.

No matter what, the FAST remained.

I then opened the image in another viewing program ... IrfanView ... and it recognized the aforementioned FAST setting ... as normal ... and printed out as I wanted.

This is the first time I have exsperienced this. Does anyone have any ideas what I need to do to have Microsoft image printer not be so choosy? I went to Canon website, but there is no customer link to post such a question.


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