Need new/replacement printer suggestions...

Dec 27, 2009
We have an HP 2840 AIO Color Laser, we're moving all our systems to Windows 7 and found that HP will not be fully supporting the printer in Windows 7 over the network. So, time to replace it.

Our requirements are:
Color Laser All in One, copy print, scan & fax
Need to be able to use it and all features over network (it will not be connected to anything via usb. Will be connected using ethernet or wireless only).
Need to be able to scan to a network drive and/or email direclty from the printer itself preferrably independent of a computer running (so SMTP capabilities preferred for scanning to email).
And when it scans to, it needs to be able to do it to PDF
Needs to be able to work with legal sized paper (for printing and scanning)
Needs to be low cost per page (high yeild cartridges etc)
ADF required, preferrably at LEAST 30 sheets
Auto-duplexing would be nice but it's something I could do without (but would still need duplexing, just doesn't need to be "auto").

The 2840 we have ran fine albeit sometimes it decided not to "scan to" from the printer saying it's not setup on pc requiring me to have to reset everyting and occasionally reinstall the printer software, but other than that it worked (but this problem is one that makes me want to get something that doesn't require the software on the PC to "scan to").

So far, the Brother MFC-9840 and the HP 2320NF are so far the two top contenders. Brother has a notch against it in my book because well, it's a "Brother", the HP has a notch against it as well though as I know when the next Win OS comes out they are not likely to fully support it, plus I'm pretty sure the scan to feature on the 2320 requires accessing the software on the PC to work just like our 2840 does.

Suggestions? I'm open to looking at anything at this point, lexmark, epson, canon, hp, brother, dell, whatever...just having a tough time finding something "right". Budget is roughly $500.

Dec 30, 2009
I am not really a techie person but if I were to choose the printer. I would really choose the one that has multi tasking capabilities. A printer that has a photocopier, scanner, and a lot of features, and most important is it is compatible with your OS.
I'm sorry I didn't answer your question but at least I shared to you my idea. :p

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