Need opinions on type of printer to use for business that requires quality prints

Oct 15, 2013
I've used a borrowed HP 3505 Laserjet color printer to create prints for our business. I need to print on a higher quality bond or label type paper that will mimic a painting or digital print - for instance, let's say I wanted to print a copy of a Monet painting and frame it, the print should look crisp and not have bleeds, smears, spotting.

The HP 3505 has worked fine for this to date but need to purchase our own printer. The HP 3505 is no longer manufactured. My questions for the forum members are:

Is my best bet just buy buy a refurbished HP 3505 for approx. $500 plus toner cost? If so, any recommendations on refurbishers that do a great job and stand by their products?

Is there a laserjet printer of equal or better quality in the same price range or less that will work?

Are inkjets better than laserjet? Should I be looking at inkjets instead?

Other info - I will probably be printing 10 to 20 pix at a time. Max size that I must have is legal although 11x17 would be nice (but is not necessary).

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE - I need to place an order ASAP so any help and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Please post if you need more clarifications.
Jun 27, 2013
I'm unclear if you are asking about photo prints. Have you been making prints using a color laser onto non-photo paper.

My understanding is that inkjet printers are inherently better than color lasers for color prints.

My further understanding is that Canon and Epson generally have better quality on printing photos.

I'm mostly ignorant about Epson printers.

In the Canon world, there are excellent values on the new Pro-100 from Adorama and BhPhotoVideo. It can handle 13x19" paper. A cartridge resetter is reported to be available within the next week or so. Once it is reported to work reliably, I may very well get one (or even two).

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