New Canon Pixma Pro-1: Is anyone using this?

Jun 6, 2012
I have been hearing a lot of different thoughts on the new Canon Pixma Pro-1, but I still have some questions. So far I have been hearing about mostly the designs of the printer; how bulky and heavy it is, considering that it only prints at 13" by 19" at the largest dimension.

The article links (copy/paste intro browser) above are from Canon's DLC blog talking about the set up of this printer from packaging to making your first print. Really nicely explained with pics for each step. Also talks about setting up a network for this printer. But I am still skeptical.

I am still wondering about the actual print quality. Is it really that great as it has been advertised, for the price tag of $1000 or should I consider another printer for cheaper and that might print larger? Any feed back would be great!

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