New Photo printer recommendation needed

Apr 5, 2017
Hi all

It will soon be time to replace my Epson 1500W but need some help deciding on a replacement as I am not upto speed on the newer printers

I suppose I will be looking at printers from Epson and Canon but my must haves are listed below

1 capable of Hi Quality Photo Output
2 capable of A3 or A3+ output
3 use cartridges that can be refilled with third party ink
4 be able to use a CIS system and have CIS systems available
5 use Pigment inks

Was looking at Canons Pixma Pro range so the one or ten but cannot find reliable info on refillable cartridges or CIS system with as many saying they can be refiled as saying they can't and no one offering CIS systems

How about the newer Epson Pigment Photo printers are they refillable or compatible with CIS systems

Have used Epsons for years started with their 1200 and worked upto the 1500W but they have all been 6 colour Dye printers

Any thoughts or recomendations



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