New Printer - Paper Jam

Jan 12, 2013
Hi All.

I just installed a brand new Samsung SCX-3405W. When I try to print something I get a paper jam. Instructions might just as well still be in the box. All there is are pictures and they just don't cut it.

I have pulled out three pages that were jammed when I tried three times to print some thing.

I even removed and replaced the cartridge.

I have a question about the orange flag/flap that runs along the cartridge. What is the purpose of that? I wanted to tear it out, but resisted the urge.

I just tossed another cheap printer because it went south on me before I printed fifty pages.

I only use it in the RV when we travel a couple times a year. For my money after years of experience, Brother is the best going, but I can't find one small enough to fit in the cabinet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is connected directly to a Dell laptop using Vista.



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