Paper jam with Brother MFC 9330CDW printer. Burnt paper stuck to roller.


Aug 2, 2017
Hi all,

We currently use a Brother MFC 9330 CDW laser printer in our office. I was wondering if anyone had any advice when dealing with a paper jam that involved a number of pages being wrapped around a roller on the rear of the machine (apologies for the low quality images):


I think this particular roller adds heat to each page that moves through it, but somehow a few pages were wrapped around it and were burnt onto it. We managed to scrape off a lot of the burnt paper but some still remains. We thought we scrapped off enough of the paper to run a few test pages but they either printed out blotchy or continued to jam.

We don't know of any way to open this machine that wouldn't void our warranty (its 6 months old at most). Does anyone know if this is a problem we can fix ourselves or would it be necessary to send it back to the manufacturer?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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