No custom size or borderless printing option for HP 6970

Jul 2, 2021
With standard HP 6970 driver and software suite there is no option to print on custom sizes of paper.

These instruction have been followed and have not worked:

As mentioned these instructions have not worked. After creating the new paper size / new form and saving, it appears in the list of printers in the 'printer server properties' dialog box, but it does not appear in the list of available printers on the HP printer configuration dialog, and there is no 'advanced' button as indicated in the instructions.

Also have posted on HP forums and not getting any reply (except one canned reply which didn't address the problem).

I''m trying to create a customs size as I wish to print on some C6 size stickers all the way up to fairly close to the border, but becasue of another bug/problem with HP's driver, borderless printing is only available for A4 and a few other sizes which appear in the options, not for C6 and some other sizes which appear there.


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