Offset Plate Thermal Processing Line Auction

Aug 18, 2022
Yesterday there was an auction nearby that sold an offset plate thermal processing line for $370.80. It looked like a lot of technology sold for a seriously low price and I was curious as to how much it would have been worth and how sort after this kind of equipment is. If anyone has any idea please help me ease my mind.

The items are:
Comprising: Post Bake Oven. Model: PBO 85. DOM: 2007.
Rinse Gum Unit. Model: RGU 85. DOM: 2007.
Thermal Plate Processor. Model: CTP 85. DOM: 2006.
Glunz & Jensen 07-0301-01 R & R Machine. DOM: 2005.
Dryer Conveyor with Controller.
Transfer Table with Controller.
Conveyor Table with Controller.
2 x Inclined Conveyor Tables with Controllers.
Adjustable Inclined Stand.

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