okay to shut off laser printer at night or will it wear it out?

Jul 23, 2020
New to me HP laserjet M254dw color on win 8.1 and Mint Cinnamon 20. Connected via USB3. Oldest firmware (2017/05)(yay!)(page count 47 so far on orig starter cartridges)

I have heard (don't ask me where) that letting it shut off, or shutting it off will cause unnecessary wear and tear (during turn-on, I guess). I found last night that if I leave my laptop in sleep mode, it will keep the printer from powering off, else if I shut off my laptop, printer will power off (after 8 hours per setting). So I definitely have the choice.

Also, while I'm here, comments re compatible toner for this printer? (GPC, Jarbo, CMYBabee, etc)

Sig since I can't post sig yet :) - ThinkPad T530-2394-3J8, i5-3380M 2.9GHz, Dual boot UEFI/GPT: Mint 20 Cinammon, Win8.1 Pro x64 (with OpenShell), 8GB(15GB/s), Sammy 250GB SSD. -

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