Okay to use squeaky toner laser cartridge?

Jun 8, 2017
Hi there I'm new to the forums so apologies if I make any mistakes here :)

I installed a toner cartridge that admittedly is OLD.. over 2 years old actually purchased it in February 2015... I like having toner cartridges around as a "backup" in case my current toner cartridge fails but had no idea my old toner cartridge would last so long ! :p

So the "new" (if you can consider a 2 year toner cartridge to be new) cartridge is making squeaking noises when I print .. the printed pages themselves look great so no problem there, and the squeaking noise doesn't really bother me... my main worry is what if the toner cartridge "falls apart" inside the laser printer (Samsung ML-2010 model) somehow such that it damages the printer?

I admit it's not an original Samsung printer cartridge, it's from a third party manufacturer (v4ink)... however I've been using their toner cartridges for years now without any problems far as print quality or the laser printer itself, this is the first squeaky one I've ever encountered ! :) I know it's the toner cartridge and not the printer itself making the squeaking noise because my printer has been going for years without squeaking and the squeaking didn't start until the new toner cartridge was inserted.

So, again, don't mind the squeaking at all, just worried that it might damage my laser printer - anyone think I'm worrying too much ? :(

Thanks so much to anyone who's taking the time and effort to read this I appreciate it ! :)

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