Okay to use previously soaked (now dry) paper in laser printer?

Jun 8, 2017
My apologies to all this is probably the stupidest question in the world :) , but...

We had an unfortunate incident where our water heater had a BIG leak... about 9,500 sheets of paper got wet , the kind that I normally put through my laser printers without any problems (when the paper is dry that is ! :p )

The paper appears to be drying out without any noticeable "wrinkles" or "crinkles" on it that would jam up the printer. Our printers are black and white, not color (Samsung ML-2010, Dell b1160w, and one other printer model I can't remember - we have three of them :) )

I'm wondering if it would be safe to run this paper through a printer once it is thoroughly dry? Or am I just asking for trouble?

Thanks very much to anyone who's taking the time to read this ! :)

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