Paper jams with double-sided printing on Ricoh Aficio MF C2051

Mar 3, 2021

I am using the Aficio MF C2051 copy-printer.

The problem is that the printer has recently started to jam when printing on both sides of the paper. Before the paper jam occurs, the printer makes a loud noise that sounds as if the paper sheet is no longer being transported properly by a roller in the printer and the rubber rollers on the paper are slipping. This is a scraping, creaking humming noise. The paper jam usually occurs in such a way that I have to open the rear flap and then open the inner flap in the machine with the blue lever "B". Behind it there is a sheet of paper that is printed on one side and where the toner is not yet fixed but about 3/4 of the toner has been applied.

When I remove the jammed paper, printing usually continues, but after about 20-30 sheets the problem occurs again.

I suspect it has something to do with the feed into the fuser-unit.

Does anyone have any experience with the machine or the problem? What can I do?

I'm happy about any hints :)

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