Print Unable E1 on Brother HL-L8350CDW

Mar 20, 2021
I've had this printer for several years and it's been great up until my teacher fiance started hitting it hard with print jobs. Today it's throwing the error "Print Unable E1", is having frequent paper jams (front and rear), causing issues with smears (on a couple here and there), and is randomly restarting in the middle of print jobs. There's nothing that indicates that it's at end of life, besides some low toner (and I've never had this issue before when toner was low).

One thing to mention, is I am using non-Brother toners (EZ-Ink) but have for the last couple replacements and things were fine up until now.

Could it ACTUALLY be the toner cartridges? What else can I check? I can take apart and show photos of whatever is needed. Thank you!




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