Printed size of photos/pictures

Jul 5, 2016
I am confused by printed size and printer resolutions. I have spent 5 days to google an answer but without success. Please help.


The specifications for Epson WF-2650 Inkjet printer, Resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi

Epson printers prints at 720, 1,440 dpi and it seems that the best quality should be printed at 1,440 dpi

Why does the specs not state the printing dpi (720 / 1440 / ??)


My image (photo) dimensions: 6,000 x 4,000 pixels (24 MB)

If printed at 720 dpi, then the print size would be 8.33 x 5,55 inches (6,000/720 x 4,000/720)

and at 1,440 dpi would be 4.16 x 2.7 inches.

– This does not seem correct.

So what print size can be printed with this image OR what determines the output print size?

Thanks in advance

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