Printer curl Brother HL5370DW

Aug 28, 2011
I recently printed a 500 page document and it curled so bad it couldn't even fit in a binder.
I use a brother HL 5370dw.
I printed both duplex and non duplex both were still curled badly.
I do not live in a humid area, I have tried 20lb and 24lb hammermill paper.
I have checked the reduce paper curl in the driver menu.

what printers have you had experience with which deal with this well?
what other things can I try to to fix it? H
ow do the large printers in staples deal with the curl so well?
Do they use a different technology?

Mainly I do a lot of printing of large document, and I want to know what printer have you guys used which can handle printer curl well.

Thank you
Oct 7, 2011
I would suggest getting an all in one, LaserJet by Canon, there are plenty of devices to choose from - I would suggest checking out because I've seen discounts of more than 100 dollars on very good devices.

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