Printer Error after Cleaning Head

Jan 31, 2016
I have an Epson WorkForce 545 that hasn't been printing correctly for quite some time. It has been leaving a lot of lines and a lot of the color is faded. I have tried the print head cleaning function multiple times with some improvement, but print jobs still look pretty bad. I finally opened it up and cleaned the print head in a 50/50 water and isopropyl alcohol solution and let dry before returning, but I messed up. I forced the carriage to the left to access the head (printer was on at the time, but I thought I remembered that the carriage should move on its own as soon as the top was opened, but I was wrong).

Not sure if that was the issue, but now, when I try to turn the printer on, it immediately comes up with an error message and I can't access any functions. Any suggestions on what to do? How badly did I mess up?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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