Printer not printing with New Wifi adapter

Sep 1, 2016
I have recently acquired a new High-gain WiFi Adapter with the following features.

Name : Alfa AWUS036ACH Wide Range AC1200 Wireless Adapter.

This provides an excellent wi-fi signal making viewing streaming videos an easy task- no or little buffering.

Using the internet on the usual browsers is fast and efficient.

This is connected to my computer via a USB 3.0 connection.

I also use a HP Envoy Photo 6230 WIFI Printer.

Unfortunately my printer refuses to print at all using this adapter.

The printer worked well using my previous Hawking wifi adapter without any problems.

The Alfa adapter is backwards compatible to deal with all wifi types. Ac , n etc.

I have checked that my printer is indeed connected to the hotel network.

Any suggestions please ?



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