Printer Showing as Being Offline When Using Wi-Fi

Apr 29, 2016
The title says it all. I have tried everything: updated all firmware, software, drivers...nothing works.

I tried using the Epson troubleshooting function, and it shows that all of my drivers and software are updated.

After using up the Wi-Fi Setup wizard, it prints the network connection report just fine, no problem*, but then, if I try to print a normal text document (using OpenOffice Writer), it shows the printer as being offline.

*the signal strength is reported as being 'excellent.'

I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the good.

Everything is fine when I plug the printer into my laptop with a USB cable, but it just won't print when using Wi-Fi.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jun 15, 2022
this kind of problem occurs... you jus can come out from this situation just run the printer troubleshooter or else check internet connection otherwise Disable Use Printer Offline mode.

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