Printer upgrade desperately needed

May 27, 2015
Hi all,

I'm wondering if I can have a bit of printer advice. At home I've been running a small, personalised invitation printing operation for a few years now, printing bright coloured A6 cards with a Brother laserjet. This has worked fine for a few years but involves cutting of the individual cards from an A4 sheet into A6 size which is very time consuming and backbreaking work when times are busy.

Each individual order I print varies from 3 - 10 sheets of A4 card, these are very small print runs so I require "in house" printing of some kind. Can anyone recommend a printer or a direction for me to go which would mean the process would be automated in some way. ie: printing onto larger card sheets that can be cut to A6 size. (All my designs need colour printing to the edge).

Many thanks


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