Printing issues XP-215

Jul 10, 2020
Hi Guys. I'm looking for a little assistance. Lately I've been having issues with my XP-215. It stopped printing normaly all of a sudden. My issues are when I try to print a document will be all coloures mixed even if it's a black and white document. It'll be a rainbow like print. If I manually set it to monochrome it will print it in black and white but with white streeks every two inches or so. I tried cleaning the heads, aligning them, tried everything in the book I could think of but nothing changed...including obviously replacing all the cartridges more than once. Thing is...oddly enough...if I print the Epson status sheet bu holding down the button, it will print the two pages perfectly with no defects or smudges. I tried to print it more than once thinking that it was a fluke but no...the epson status sheet prints it perfectly every time. I'm out of options...What do you guys think...can I still try something or should I just give up and buy a new printer? Thanks

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