Pro901 on Mac OS Mavericks (10.9) does not print on USB and wifi

Jan 26, 2014
Since I recently upgraded my Macbook Air with OSX 10.9 and the latest Pro901 drivers the Lexmark does not print on either USB nor on wifi.

I have installed the latest print drivers from Lexmark site (cups driver v11.1) as well as from Apple software update (v2.12 update, the cups driver version is v11.3). Note that the latest apple software update does not know of the Pro800-900 series.

The Lexmark will print a test page and will also scan.
When trying to print an ordinary page, it will send the file to the queue. On the print queue it will say that it is connected and it is printing page 1 and it stays there forever until you delete the job.
The cups driver access logfile says that it has successfully made communication.

I have tried all options to get it working, like deleting all Lexmark drivers en reinstalling again. Resetting to factory settings of the printer.

I also have a Windows 7 laptop and it had also an issue with the latest 64 bit Pro901 print driver. Fortunately the resolution was posted by Lexmark. I had to revert back from IE11 to IE10.

Any help is appreciated.


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