Problem Scanner (Help!!)

Aug 19, 2021
Hello, I've been trying to help a friend of mine connect his Ricoh Printer/Scanner SP310SFNw to his computer network. I've already used the drivers on the Ricoh Website to connect the printer to his computer, so thats all good.

For the scanner part, I've been trying to redirect what he scans to a shared folder con his computer. I have taken all the steps I've been told: share the folder on the network, configure a scan option to that shared folder on a quick dial, I entered all the apropiate information that the scanner would need to connect to said folder, but after all of that, I still get a "failed to connect to server" error. He used to have windows 7 on his computer and it worked just fine. Now I've upgraded his system and installed windows 10, and it started having this problem. I believe everything is configured in the same way on both machines.

I was hoping someone could give me a hand, by troubleshooting or giving me some kind of instructions on how to do this. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

PS. On the Ricoh website I also saw scanner drivers, but I really don't know how to install those drivers after installing the printer drivers, or if that could be another fix.

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