problem with Epson printers as of December 6, 2016 - freezing/crashing - this could be the solution

Dec 7, 2016

I've just had a problem with my printer fixed by Epson over the phone and wanted to post in case anyone else is looking. Apparently lots of people had this issue yesterday (Dec 6, 2016).

I have an EPSON XP 710 and all of a sudden yesterday it stopped working - it would switch on, then after about 10 secs restart, and then again etc etc etc.

I contacted Epson and I'd really recommend that to anyone with their printers - I was surprised given that I am out of warranty... they could still help me. They said even if the printer was 10 years old they would help. So the number if anyone wants it is 01952 607111.

But to fix this issue:

1) assuming you are connecting via wifi (if you're not, call Epson... I don't have the solution)
2) turn your router off. Leave it off.
3) turn printer on. it should now stay on.
4)go into SETUP on the printer screen
5) Go into google clooud print services
6) select suspend/resume and SUSPEND this service
7) turn router back on and it should all now work.
8)I did have to reconnect my printer to my computer through my printer settings on the computer but that was easy and will depend on the computer you have.

This does mean that you can't use google cloud to print, but the other options are still available. I don't know if this will be fixed in the future, but at least you can now print.

Hope that helps someone.

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