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Nov 3, 2022
Just bought a Canon Pixma Pro 200 as I wanted to get back into black and white printing. My old system was with an Epson 1400 and QTR, so a whole new learning curve with this one.

I'm trying to keep to as much of the “old” system as possible, using Photo Zoom 8 for print size and resolution (600 ppi) and Photoshop CS2 and Picture Window Pro 8 for tones, sharpening etc. As my “new” system is with Pro 200, I'm trying to use PPL. The problem I have is that the converted image (to black and white) won't open in PPL. Is this normal and do I have to do the conversion in PPL or is there another solution ?

If I set print size and ppi in Photo Zoom, I can then open the image in PPL, and do the rest of the adjustments, set to black and white, except final sharpening, which I can do in Photoshop CS or PWP , which latter has a Halo setting. Is the consensus that this maybe the way to go ?

Another question

Does the High setting in PPL correlate to 4800 or 2400 dpi printing resolution, as Epson and others just quote a single figure when setting print (dpi) and what does the Standard resolution in PPL mean in dpi?
Sep 2, 2022
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