Refilling toner cartridges and a few questions on laser printers

Jul 14, 2011
Hello! I need to buy some new ink for my epson inkjet (which goes through it like crazy) and I'm really fed up with constantly purchasing refills.

So I'm thinking of getting a laser printer and trashing the epson, since I only print black and white, and understand that toner carts last much longer than ink. The printer I'm looking at is a Brother HL-2240, which comes with a starter cartridge that prints close to 700 pages.

While looking on ebay for third party toner (like I always do for ink) I mostly found refill bottles and "reset" gears, rather than new toner carts. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these and if they actually work well.

I'm also a bit disturbed by the "drum" aspect to laser printers. Replacements cost more than the printer itself and they are rated at 12,000 pages, but I'm sure in practice are considerably less. I probably haven't even printed close to 12,000 pages in my life, but it would be upsetting if a year in I find my drum has "worn out". Is it common for them to do that or should they actually last a long time, with light use?

thanks a lot!

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