Replacing the wiper on an Epson pro 4900

Feb 25, 2014
Just wondering if anyone has replaced the wiper and wiper cleaner assembly on an Epson 4900. On the 7900 the wiper is incorporated into an assembly that just clips out. On both, the wiper is very small, about the size of your small fingernail and seems hardly adequate to perform its task properly. On the 4900, although the wiper is the same, the arrangement/placement is different. It is separate from the 'cleaner' and looks really fiddly to replace. The white material on the cleaner is quite rough and hard. The rubber part of the wiper measures 12 mms from edge to edge. Its not to be touched in case grease from your fingers contaminate it. The cleaner seems easy enough to fit. Just 2 screws. The wiper is a different story; I think the nylon base clips or slides onto a spigot, but its difficult to see. The top right side of the printer is easily removed to get access. I have cleaned the capping station and the existing wiper which looks ok. I did remove a lot of ink sludge from the wiper.(Sorry they won't let me post a photo or a link to the assembly)
I would be grateful for any help on this issue. Thanks

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