Ricoh Printer: Implement 802.1x PEAP

Jun 14, 2016
Dear all,

I am trying to implement 802.1x PEAP on Ricoh Printer (Aficio MP C3002).
In the configuration some things seem to be difficult for me to understand.
It would be great if someone could help me here.

I am in 802.1x configuration menu:
User Name: What is the user name here? What should I enter? I am confused by this. Normally I dnt define the users on the Radius server, do I? Only I defined the Radius Clients. But I am not sure whether I really should define the Client here. Can someone explain?
Domain-Name: I guess this would be something like: ""? correct?
Phase 2 User Name: Can you also please explain to me what this would be? I basically have the same questions compared with the "User Name".

Any help would be very much apreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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