Samsung C460W | "Error Printing" on Windows 10 x64 Desktop Computer




This is a long shot, but I'm having some trouble with my Samsung C460W printer.

So I got this printer in 2014 back when my main desktop had Windows 7.
Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and printer still worked fine. I've reinstalled Windows 10 a few times on my desktop due to crashes and blue screens and stuff (lol) with the most recent reinstall being in October (2 months ago). The printer still worked fine until recently.

I haven't used my printer since then and today I tried printing something and I get the "Error Printing" message on my desktop and in the printer folder....

Every time I uninstall and reinstall it, at the end of the Samsung installation program, there is a option to print a "test page" to see if the printer set up. The test page prints no problem. But nothing will printer that; I only get the "error printing" message.

I've tried power cycling the printer, reinstalling the drivers (multiple times), and trying different USB ports. But the issue persists.
I even tried some you tube solutions such as unchecking "enable bidirectional support" and checking the "print straight to printer" options in the Printer settings/properties. On a side note, Samsung Support was of no help.

I know this is a problem with my computer and not the printer since the printer works perfectly when set up on the Windows 8 laptop. Once I try going back and reinstalling/setting it up on my desktop, "error printing" :(

What could be causing this Error?
Feb 21, 2016
firts check by creating another user.. also it could be wrong usb port change usb por in settings
do it by samsung printer diagnostics software as it will be difficult for you to do it manually..
manually its path is go to device and printer.. right click on printer option go to properties and then ports for changing vitual usb port...

same can also be performed via SPDS software
Jan 26, 2017
Right click on the start icon on the bottom left hand corner, go to control panel.
Select devices and printer
Find your printer and right click, go to printing properties in the middle
Select ports tab at the top
Uncheck/check "enable bidirectional printing

alternatively, in the advance tab of printer properties, you can change your driver to or from the universal print driver 3 this will fix it as well.

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