Samsung M2825DW stopped working - all lights flashing

Apr 27, 2022
My Samsung M2825DW (part of Samsung Xpress M262x M282x Series) printer suddenly stopped working. Three seconds after pressing the power button, all lights are permanently flashing while the printer is unresponsive. Pressing and/or holding different buttons didn't help, only pulling the power cord. It makes no difference whether the USB cable is connected to a PC or not, in each case all lights are flashing. I also tried another power cable, but without success.

The printer always worked flawlessly, was rarely used and wasn't damaged by a power failure or the like.

The strange thing with this issue is, that occasionally the printer starts working! The printer boots as usual and you can actually print, but if you turn it off and then turn on, all lights are on and nothing works again. So after several times of pulling the power cord, then plugging it in and powering the printer on, you can be lucky and it starts working, but the downside is that you have to do it up to 50 times until you'll get a lucky boot.

Here's a video from another guy, who claims that it happened after inserting a new toner, which isn't the case in my situation, it just stopped working randomly:

Would be great to find a solution, because I still have 2 new toners for it and the printer does its job well, if it boots up correctly.

Has anyone experienced something similar and been able to fix it?

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