[SOLVED] Brother MFC-L3750CDW toner reset

Jan 25, 2022

Anyone know how to reset the toners of my new MFC-L3750CDW.

i tried all types of combination to enter, and anyone works.

Hopefully you had resolved the problems. For beginners or new comers

1- Switch-off the printer.
2- Press and hold the on/off button.
3- When all the LEDs turn on, open the cover and remove the toner cartridge + drum unit.
4- Release the on/off button.
5- Re-install the toner cartridge + drum unit back into the printer and close the printer cover.
6- Press on/off button twice and wait for 2 seconds
7- Press on/off button 6 times
8- Now printer is ready for printing
Aug 11, 2022
Im still having issues with the toner cartridges and have decided that I will never buy another Brother printer again as its too time consuming having these issues. There should be a law that stops them from blocking other toners being used. Washing machines allow you to use whatever damn detergent one likes as do dishwashers. Brother you have just lost another customer you can place my printer where the sun dont shine. Good day
Dec 17, 2020
I entirely agree. My printer even randomly complains "Insert toner - No toner found" , have to pull out, then re-insert all toners.
This is with all genuine toners. I'm ready to give mine away..

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