Unable to access web interface, but printing works.

Sep 11, 2015

My company has a customer with several offices around the city and we supply them with MFPs.
The manufacturer is Ricoh but the models vary from MP C2500 to MP C3003.

For some time now we've had an issue where the users complain about not being able to access the web interface, they can however print and use all the features such as scan to email etc.
The solution to this issue is simply rebooting the MFP and then it works fine for a couple of weeks again.

The customer uses the same ISP for all their offices and we have discussed if the issue perhaps is with them, but we also have considered it being due to that some of the models simply are quite old.
But recently we replaced the printers in one of the offices to newer models and hoped that it would also solve the mentioned issue. But now the customer has contacted us saying that the issue in fact has returned yet again, which makes me wonder once and for all, is this common with these printers or is it in fact an issue that can relate back to the ISP?

I hope that I made the issue understandable, and I look forward for any input and feedback that you can provide me with. :)

Best regards,



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