Unable to print bar code via crystal report. bar code not shown on pager n crystal rp

Sep 30, 2012
Hi all,

i have a canon printer. its ir3300 and is connected to 5 computers at my home. one of the computer was reinstalled with operating system (xp). after installing the latest printer drivers it does not print bar code in any of the pages but, it prints other contents of the page. The other 4 computer are fine they print barcode fine.

I am printing the pages from crystal report. Bar code does not showup even in crystal report.

Have have compared printer settings with other computer but they are same.

Have installed barcode font (mw6 true type) in control panel/font. Have double clicked on it and it opens fine. Also have datamartixfont.dll and crufl.dll(not sure about this 2nd dll name) don't now wat to do but placed both dll file in windows/system32 and tried to register. datamatrixfont.dll got registered but 2nd dll gave error: Dll_Name was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer or DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found.

This kb is of no use: support.microsoft.com/kb/249873

Can any one please help me in getting barcode printer via crystal report?

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