Unable to print

Jun 6, 2018
One of two computers is able to successfully print. Both computers are connecting to the internet via an access point (Verizon MiFi 7730L). I verified that both are on the same network by check the IP addresses and the SSID. Computer A can successfully printer and Computer B cannot. Computer A can access the printer via web browser. Computer B can't successfully ping it or access via web browser. Restarting the computer, power-cycling the printer, clearing the printer queue, restarting the printer spooler, re-installing the driver, set as default printer, print offline, etc. does not fix the problem. It appears the user was able to successfully print from Computer B at some point, but not recently. I tried networking the printer from Computer A, but Computer B won't find the shared/ network printer. Not sure if this is relevant, but Computer A doesn't show the IP address under the port tab in Printer Properties. It has BRW0071CC........ Both are using Windows 7 and are Dell laptops. Any ideas? Anything would help at this point....

Computer A

Computer B

Printer (Brother MFC-J870DW)

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