USB error

Jul 3, 2020
Windows 10 on Dell 3647 PC ; USB Intel 8 series/C220 series

All too often, while printing a set of drawings, my Brother MFC-5890-CN will stop after printing about 3/4 of a sheet. Usually the message is uninformative : "error couldn't print". But sometimes it says "USB error".

It usually prints without a hitch for one drawing. But when I have a lot of sheets to print, these unexplained stoppages are frustrating. I'm not batch printing, so that is not the problem. I'm only sending one sheet at a time to the printer. I guess I'll try batch printing, but that may open-up a whole new can of worms.

Since there are no physical connection problems, I'm guessing that the print spooler, for no good reason, looses its connection to the USB port in the middle of a session. Is this a common problem with Windows 10?

PS___These are PDF files that are not very large

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