Use HP96 ink instead of HP100

Feb 12, 2016
I have an HP 8450 that is still doing a very good job with color text and linework - say a chart in PDF form. It is doing a lousy job with photos. I have tried a couple different aftermarket cartridges in place of the HP100 gray cartridge which is no longer available. (I did order a couple of HP cartridges off Amazon. I returned them because they were not in the original packaging and the dates were several years old.) It has been suggested to me to try using an HP 96 black cartridge in place of the HP100 gray cartridge. Has anyone tried this?

In the attached photo which I scanned from a print you can see that the print started kind of okay but with some lines. The rest of the photo is what I usually get on the entire print.


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    printer test scanned 2.jpg
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Dec 31, 2018
I'm going with no. Even if it worked, the colors would be too far off for most folk. Try the #99 as noted below. Yes, hard to decode but after I read it 3 times it started to jell.

Which ink cartridges should I purchase?

The HP8450 has three ink cartridge slots; one for black, one for tri color and one for special color. The black cartridges required are either #95 or #97 depending on ink quantity; #94 or #96 for tri color; as for the special color get either #100 which is grey/photo or #99 which is 'photo.' I use one each of the following; #97, #96 and #100. "

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