User codes getting stuck in popup

Jun 16, 2015
My company uses Savin multifunctions (rebranded Ricohs if you didn't know), mostly MPC4503's with a few 3003's thrown in, and I'm running into a problem where users are somehow getting their codes stuck in the printer preferences, so they pre-fill the user code popup. It's easy enough for me to access the computer with the stuck code and remove it from the preferences, but it freaks my users out.
I'd like to know why/how it happens and how I can prevent it from happening again. To be blunt, I would be shocked to find out the users even know how to find the printer preferences, let alone set their code in it. When asked about it, one of the users whose code was repeatedly stored said all she ever did was type her code in the popup.

I suspect that the problem is caused by Adobe Reader somehow. The bulk of printed documents are PDFs, and Reader has caused settings to stick in the past (i.e. # of copies). But, to be fair, it could be almost anything.

If anybody has some helpful ideas or info, I sure would appreciate it.


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