User Control - Colour Printing Issue

Jun 4, 2014

Hopefully someone can help. We have 2 x Sharp MX2700N Printers. We were keen to implement better control over who prints and does not and get a record of these prints. With that in mind I added all the users into the User Account section on the printer config page making sure that the username I entered was EXACTLY the same as the users domain username and I also entered the same user passwords.

I assign the users to a new Authority Group that has FULL print permissions with no page limits etc. Despite all this the users can only print in mono and not colour. As soon as you turn of the User Access Control feature from the default settings on the printer page users can print fine but with it turned on nothing - No errors and the printer whirs into life but then winds down again after 2-3 seconds.

The issue is happening on all computers - I have tried every single driver I can find for the printer on several different computers but the issue is the same. Its related to the User Control feature because as I mentioned as soon as you turn this feature off all printing is fine.

I even tried testing by adding a user to the built in 'admin' authority group which has full rights but still the problem remains. The printer has been rebooted several times.

Any ideas ?

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