Using both inkjet and laser for art

Nov 24, 2019
Hello I am a craft artist and Im trying to create a good foil accent on my art pieces. I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100 for my art prints and recently bought a monochrome Brother laser printer to pair with my Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Laminator. The foil only works on laser printer black images so I need a paper that can work on both inkjet and laser.
The only issue is, in all my hours of research I haven't found anyone (ANYONE) using the technique I'm trying to emulate.
What I need to know is,

If I print an artwork by an inkjet printer, is it possible to put that same paper through a laser printer afterwards? Assuming the paper is a heavy 350gsm cardstock that is UNCOATED.
And don't worry about the paper thickness, I made sure both of my printers have the ability to print straight sheets therefore reducing curling and jamming.

I have looking everywhere for an answer. I guess the only thing left is to try it myself but I really don't want to break my laser printer ;-;

Please help!

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