Which printer should I buy?

Jul 2, 2013
I am looking to buy a high quality a3 printer which will be used for printing my own photography, and possibly selling them as well.

I am looking to spend under £350 on the printer.

It's printing speed is not important, but the cost for each page (on its highest quality printing setting) is very important.

May 8, 2013
About the last part, you could actually lower the cost of each page by purchasing compatible products. You do not really have to worry on that.
Jun 27, 2013
possibly selling them as well.

I haven't sold prints, so "consider the source".

To me, a person buying a print should have an expectation of archival fade resistance, which I believe calls for pigment ink rather than dye ink.

I have a Canon 9000-2 A3+ 13x19" dye printer, which I'm quite happy with for what I do. However, I wouldn't sell prints made from it, unless the buyer was ok with non-archival prints.

In "the world of Canon" (I'm mostly ignorant about other printers), that would mean a used or NIB (new in box) Canon 9500-2 (don't own one, but have heard they are excellent, maybe with resetter), or the latest/greatest Pro-1 or Pro-10 (probably excellent, no resetters, maybe never?)

Or a wide format, but that is a whole different beast, of which I have no experience or knowledge.

An option to consider ... have prints that you sell made by Costco. If you know what you are doing with DryCreek printer profiles, you can get very good to excellent prints with archival quality. Also, you'll avoid the learning curve of printing (unless you've already got plenty of printer experience / expertise).
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