xerox 6505 boot.prn file

Mar 29, 2024
Firmware Update

Boot Firmware Update

Do not reboot or turn Off the printer during the update process. The printer
automatically reboots when the process is complete.
Boot Code updates are restricted to USB only.
1. Download and unzip the applicable files from the Xerox support web site.
2. Turn Off the printer.
3. Connect the USB cable from the host to the printer.
4. Press Up,
arrow, and
Wait until FW Update - Password appears, then release the keys.
5. Enter the password by pressing the
6. When F/W Download DL Mode USB appears, press OK.
7. Very briefly, two firmware version numbers appear, then the DownLoad Mode
Send F/W Data prompt is displayed.
8. Open the Boot directory. Double-click the Xeroxfwup.exe file. The boot
firmware file (boot_*.prn) should also be located in the Boot directory.

friends any solution i need the file boot .prn xerox 6505?

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