Xerox Workcentre Pro 90 & c3545 communications problem

Mar 15, 2012
Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and need some assistance. I recently purchased 2 workcentre pro 90's and one workcentre pro c3545 from an office that shut down. The office removed the hard drives from the machines prior to selling them to me. I have acquired the service manual for the c3545 but can not find the pro90 so if you know where I can acquire the pro 90 service manual I would greatly appreciate it and of course pay some finders fee as well. I have heard about this PWS software but have no idea how to locate it, so any assistance there is much appreciated as well.

Ok so here is the problem I am having with the three machines..... I start them and it takes a few minutes to start up and then I receive "communications problem encountered. Reset system by turning off and then on again". There are no error codes and the error it shows is pretty vague. I have reset the machine numerous times with the same error. Any thoughts of steps to take to resolve this. I mean with that error on the control panel if I click on machine status or any other buttons the screen does not change. Will I have to find a Xerox hard drive and install it since it was there prior to them selling it to me? I understand I have a lot of questions on this one post and I appreciate any assistance you can proved. Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank You
Sep 30, 2009
I will try to brake my reply into sections:

PWS software - This is a service engineer tool and will be hard to find it only. Depending on the device to be used with it might require specific hardware such as serial cables and controller credentials.

HDD - if the HDD was removed and will be easy to recover the orignal than this would be the best approach. Alternatevly you can contact your Xerox rep and ask for availability and pricing on new HDD. Some features will be require the use od HDD (i.e. scan to mailbox). The inexistence of a HDD might cause software errors when feature that require HDD are installed and configured on the device. These error might cause general malfuncition of the device.

Error msg - This error is normally related with the controller not being well assembled. By what read I inclined to say the main cause could have been the HDD removal, which when removed could have caused other part of the device to be disconnected, my guess would be the IOT, IIT bus to the maincontroller. Worst scenario is to replace the IOT or controller.
There might be an softer aproach to the problem and believe it could be a but or software error. If this case I advice that all firmware on the device should be updated and should be on the same family.... ESS, IOT all components should run under the same version...

My advise is to get this device check by an Xerox engineer.. as it might be more components that might not work correctly after a hardware removal...

I hope it helps

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