XP-860 suddenly locks out "non-genuine" carts.

Mar 9, 2019
After two an a half years using the same make of compatible cartridges, this printer stopped mid-print with a prompt "It looks like you are using non-genuine ink cartridges".
Having periodically received this prompt before, I followed the usual procedure of initiating the "replace cartridge procedure", releasing and reseating the cartridge and continuing the print-run.
This prompt would always pop-up and I would clicked through, before it continued the run trouble free.
This time, it just cycles back to this prompt, refusing to accept the cartridges.
I have a spare set of carts which I installed, after gently cleaning the contact on the seats with a soft lint-free cloth.
Same result.
Has Epson gone back to the "Dark-Side" like HP to put a ban on all but their own exceptionally overpriced contribution to the world economy?
USA and European governments stopped this sharp-practice some years ago, when Epson attempted this Hold-up techniques but HP seems to have found some way to reintroduce it recently, causing a mass exodus from HP printers.
I am just wondering, without any proof, so could be paranoid on this issue.
I have not authorised any update to the printer.


Dec 7, 2016
Sounds like you have received late firmware update.
Such may block use of non-OEM ink cartridges.
Believe other Manufacturers may be doing similar.

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