AdobeRGC.icc colour profile - trying to install

Sep 23, 2017
I've downloaded the AdobeRGB.icc file from Adobe and have placed the file in the following folder:


Which I understand is the correct place. In fact I've got a couple of custom .icc profiles installed in there and they seem to be working properly.

The problem I'm having with the AdobeRGB one is that when I go to my printer driver (I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100s) and then: Main > Color/Intensity (set to Manual) > Set > Matching > ICM > Printer Profile, I can't see the AdobeRGB as a selectable option. My two custom profiles are there however, and the AdobeRGB.icc profile is definitely in the same folder as them but it's not showing up as a selectable .icc profile in the printer driver.

Long and short of it: I have downloaded the AdobeRGB.icc file - how do I use / install it so I can select it as the profile that I want my printer to use?

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