Any Epson Printer techs who can help with this communication issue

Mar 1, 2024
Hi, Hopefully this is the right section in the Forum and apologies if it isn't.

Can someone please help me with an issue in regards to what I believe to be Printer issue... but might be something completely different.

It relates to my mother in law's Epson Printer... When you try and print, the Printer on PC says IDLE, and if you try and print from iPhone, a pop up that says something like "The Printer is busy" keeps appearing.

Things I have tried:
1) Gone into the Printer settings and Reset to Factory Defaults,
2) Rebooted the Broadband Modem,
3) Gone in to the Printer Devices and removed the Printer, then re-installed the printer,
4) Gone into the WIFI networks and selected "Forget this Network", for both Printer and the WIFI network,
5) Update Printer to latest Firmware ref: AL09O2

Extra things that were necessary:
1) Her Virus Protection had expired, but had switched to Windows Defender, so I renewed her McAfee Livesafe software,
2) She has been using the ReadyPrint service, but had purchased non EPSON ink, which had been installed, so I tracked down her EPSON Readyprint cartridges and inserted them (all of which are showing as being present with amounts of ink remaining),
3) The Laptop also needed, to be updated as it was quite behind with Microsoft updates.

All the above, and still the printer fails to be recognised. And keeps popping up with a "ReadyPrint service is unavailable. Err code 950142. Does anyone know of anything else I can try tomorrow perhaps, and also if anyone knows how to fully reset an Epson Printer as if it was when it came out the box (or is the Factory Reset sufficient enough?)
Feb 3, 2024
Does your printer print using a USB or Ethernet cable? Wifi and Printers have been a problem since it was invented.

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