Brother 2170W Wireless set up with verizon router

Nov 15, 2009
I just recently swtiched over to verizon fios instead of comcast. I have a brother wireless printer for my home network, and I used a Linksys WRT54G V8 WIRELESS G router. When I switched over to fios, they gave me a new wireless router from them to use. The router is a Actiontech Wireless Router. Now the problem is the router does have a WI-FI protect setup button but the button doesn't actually work because the router is new and has no firmware to support it and no WPS either.

So I decided to hook up my old router again and create a wirless network with no internet access that I can just switch to to print. The problem is no everytime I try and create a network and use the SES set up that the router has it creates it's own SSID and key without me knowing what they are so i can't connect my computer to it, though my printer is now synced with it.

Now I tried hardwiring my computer to the router and it still does it and doesn't even register the router existing.

I would hardwire my printer but about a year ago it dropped and the wire port busted in the back so i can only use the wifi option. I reallyneed to get this thing working for my buisness.

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