Brother GT-381 Series Garment Printer

Jun 13, 2016
Hello Everyone,

New to the forum so apologies for being a noob if I ever make any errors in my terminology and print knowledge.
I have been tasked with the business I work with to find a Garment printer. The Director has forwarded me information with regards to the Brother GT-381 Garment Printer as his preferred choice. We are a brand working out of Zambia and are looking to expand our printing services. This will mean a possible shipping issue at hand as well.
I would still like to find out as much as possible to present to him before we go ahead with the purchase of it.
You help will be tremendously appreciated. Questions i need to answer strongly are:

1. Is this a good printer?
(If not what would you advise as a possible alternative)
2. We are looking for a reputable company to purchase the printer from at a good price who will also do shipping.
3. How does it fair in terms of Maintenance and cost?
4. If any experience with the printer how has it performed for you.

Apr 29, 2016
I don't think this is a forum for printers that don't print on standard office papers, like ones that print on cloth. Sorry.

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