Brother HL-2040: Opinions On Brother, etc. ?

Sep 5, 2007

I'm looking for a B&W home printer with minimual usage.
Just some text, now and then.

I also have to add a USB Hub so that I can have a free USB port from
my 3 year old Dell. The Dell didn't come with many ports, and they are used up. Not too thrilled about adding an internal card, hence I would probably go with an external USB Hub.

My quite old Canon BJC-4400 has given up the ghost.
It runs via a LPT Parallel Cable/Port, which I guess is pretty much really old fashioned these days.

Anyway, I found a Brother HL-2040 on the web that looks very interesting to me.
[Compact, Personal Laser Printer. Estimated Street Price: $119.99* ]

Also has a Parallel Port (as well as a USB), so my problem of not having a
spare USB port, I guess, would be solved.


Know nothing about Brother.
Have they proved as reliable, etc. as HP ?

Any caveats or gotchas do you think if I go with this unit rather than an HP one for home use ?

Also looks like the toner cartridge/sheet cost is a much better deal.
And, the footprint seems pretty reasonable.
(don't have too much desk space).

Any thoughts or opinions on would be most appreciated.


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