Brother HL6180DW printing is light

Oct 24, 2019
The print began to appear lighter on this printer and not as sharp as before I began to notice. It is not unreadable but is noticeably lighter throughout the page, almost like a typewriter ribbon, maybe 10% reduction in toner? The count is 23,624. I have followed the online troubleshooting steps, adjusting the density settings to darkest, checking the correct paper and toner saving settings, wiping the drum, replacing the toner cartridge and then drum. Nothing has improved the situation. I sense that there is another part that wears down and needs replacing. All help greatly appreciated.

Incidentally, on another Brother printer of mine, a 2320D, the print has also become light. The toner and drum should be within their service life. On this printer, the lightness occurs in vertical blotches; it is lighter in areas down the page. Again, noticeable but still readable. Wondering what this might be as well.


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