Brother J4420DW - Yellow Ink problem

Feb 25, 2019

I've got a Brother J4420DW and have some issues with the yellow ink.

I already did a cleaning with a cleaning fluid as described in this video:

I did the cleaning for several minutes - it was a lot of yellow ink on the kitchen roll so I thought that everything would be OK after some test pages - but unfortunately the printer won't print the yellow ink.

After some fails I tried to fill the ink channels with some yellow ink - after this procedure I was able to print out yellow colour but after some pages the yellow color got paler and paler until it turned to white. :-(

It looks like that the printer doesn't pump the ink to the printer head - any ideas what I can do now?

Btw. all the other colors are printed out correctly :-/
Feb 25, 2019
I fixed the issue with the help of Brother support....

Try the following steps:

  1. Activate your display
  2. Press the home button for some seconds until you enter a special menu (with dark background)
  3. Press last "button" with black background and no text for some seconds until you enter a special menu again. I'm not kidding, you really have to press the button without text ;-)
  4. A number pad will appear
  5. Enter within the next 2 seconds the following keys * 2 8 6 4 don't forget the asterisk!
  6. You are now in maintenance mode
  7. Enter 76 and MONO START
  8. Now the printer will do a special cleaning
  9. After the cleaning has finished you can exit the maintenance mode with 99
After the procedure described above I had to do a print head cleaning again.

After that everything worked nicely.

Brother support pointed out, that this maintenance mode is not officially documented and might be dangerous as you can ruin your printer. You should do the special cleaning in maintenance mode only once with sufficient fill level of your inks as it consumes more ink than a normal print head cleaning.
They also adviced me to use only original inks and paper of Brother - yeah.... ;-)

Good luck!

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